Super Infuser Bottle - Double-Ended, Double-Walled & Plastic Free

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 What’s special about this bottle?


Do you know that when heated, like with hot water, plastics can discharge nano-size plastic particles?  More on how that here.  Who wants plastic in their drink? This environmentally friendly bottle uses no plastics.

The downside to using glass tumblers or bottles was the hot-to-the-touch experience we all dread.  Not to mention the water sweating down the outside walls leaving puddles all over the place. You can now enjoy your favorite drinks on the go safely and with no mess.

The easy to use removable infuser makes life easy when enjoying your favorite loose-leaf blend. No more leaking contraptions and messy filters. 

Easily make your favorite tea.  It’s also great as a fruit infuser or for cold brew coffee.


  • A GREAT GIFT FOR TEA LOVERS - The Super Infuser Bottle makes taking your favorite tea with you easy and convenient. Brew your loose leaf tea easily with our removable food grade stainless steel filter. Also great for hot or cold brew coffee and herbal or fruit infusions.

  • HOT AND COLD - The double walled insulated BPA-Free glass design keeps your hot brews HOT and your cold drinks COLD. It also prevents the glass from getting too hot or cold to the touch. It also prevents sweating or leaking all over the place.. This large capacity 13 Oz/400ml tumbler will keep you hydrated with your favorite on-the-go drink.

  • STAINLESS STEEL - The Super Infuser Bottle comes with rust-free stainless steel lids and infuser/filter. The flat-sided lids are equipped with BPA food grade silicone washers for an airtight seal.

  • BREAK-RESISTANT DESIGN - The double sided bottle is made of the same non-toxic, heat resistant glass of choice for high-end restaurants and wineries. Its acid-resistant properties make it more durable and shatter-resistant.

  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND YOU - Because the glass we use does not leach out chemicals like many plastic containers do, you can enjoy your all natural drinks without the worries. Our non-plastic design helps improve sustainability and keep plastic waste out of landfills, which is great for the environment.

  • BONUS ITEM - The Super Infuser Bottle also comes with a neoprene travel sleeve to protect your bottle while on the go. The sleeve comes with a handy loop for easy carrying.

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - With our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee you can return it if you are not satisfied for a full refund.

We at Optamia want you to be happy.  If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any of our products we would like an opportunity to make it right.  We offer a no hassle 30 day money back guarantee.  

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