Super Infuser Bottle - Double-Ended, Double-Walled & Plastic Free

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What’s special about this bottle?


Do you know that when heated, like with hot water, plastics can discharge nano-size plastic particles?  More on how that here.  Who wants plastic in their drink? This environmentally friendly bottle uses no plastics.

The downside to using glass tumblers or bottles was the hot-to-the-touch experience we all dreaded.  Not to mention the water sweating down the outside walls leaving puddles all over the place. You can now enjoy your favorite drinks on the go safely and with no mess.

The easy to use removable infuser makes life easy when enjoying your favorite loose-leaf blend. No more leaking contraptions and messy filters. 

Easily make your favorite tea.  It’s also great as a fruit infuser or for cold brew coffee.


DURABILITY: Made of break resistant Pyrex glass.  The double-walled construction also adds an insulation feature to keep your drink hot or cold, while also preventing the outside from sweating or getting hot.  

SAFETY: NO PLASTICS! NO BPA!  With an all durable glass and stainless steel construction, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaking into your drink.  Plus, it's less wasteful and better for the environment.

STAINLESS STEEL TOP AND INFUSER: The infuser and lids are made of premium stainless steel that is leak, rust and odor free.

HASSLE FREE EXPERIENCE: The lids open on both sides for easy cleaning.  Both lids are flat so you can lay down on either end.

EXTRA PROTECTION: Your bottle comes with a neoprene travel sleeve for added protection when you’re on the road.

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