Power Energizing Hemp Tea

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Power Energizing Herbal Hemp Tea

20 Count/2mg Per Bag 

Get Energized Today!

Feeling lethargic? Welcome energy and vitalitu back into your life!

    • Clear brain-fog

    • Increase your focus

    • No mid-afternoon crashes

    • No jitters

    • Non-habit forming

Contains approximately 30-35 mg of caffeine per serving.

This natural non-habit forming effective hemp tea formula by Optamia is especially designed to optimize the naturally energizing properties of the herbal ingredients to help those who struggle with lethargy, focusing and fatigue.

More energy to get you through the day.

Uses: Hemp tea is safe to use on a daily basis.  Research has shown hemp properties to have promising results in helping with

  • inflammation

  • anxiety

  • stress 

  • pain

  • insomnia and restlessness 

  • headaches and migraines 

  • joint and muscle stiffness 

  • and so many other ailments 

Energizing Propriety Blend Of

  • Organic Hemp

  • Organic Green Tea Leaf

  • Organic Black Tea Leaf

  • Organic Vanilla Extract

  • Organic Dandelion Root

  • Organic Schisandra Berry

  • Organic Lemongrass

  • Organic Orange Peel

  • Organic Lemon Verbena Leaf

  • Organic Spearmint Leaf


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Please note that Optamia is the only authorized seller of its product on Amazon.com.  The storage and handling of  our products is part of the process that guarantees its freshness or that is not adultarated or damaged.. If you purchased any of our products from another seller on Amazon you may be buying a lesser quality product, or even a counterfeit.   If you have purchased one of our products from another seller please contact us.  Only buy Optamia products from our Amazon Optamia store.  Unfortunately, our return policy does not apply for products bought from unauthorized sellers.

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