A Little Plastic With That Tea?

How do you take your tea?  Honey, milk, or plastic?

Yup, plastic!

You might not know it, but your seemingly healthy choice to indulge in an “all natural” tea drink may not be as healthy as you might think.

Many tea companies use tea bags that actually contain a significant amount of plastics. BBC put out a video,  Teabags: Which brands contain plastic?, showing tea brands such as Twinings, Tetley and Yorkshire all use tea bags made of a significant amount of plastic.  Can that plastic get into your brew?  It sure can!

McGill University in Montreal conducted a similar study on plastics in tea bags and came to a shocking conclusion that a single tea bag can release more than 3 billion nanoplastic particles and 11 billion microplastic particles into your cup during a steep.

Meanwhile, Optamia tea bags contain no plastics and are made with 100% natural, unbleached, wood pulp filter paper, processed by UV sterilization and infrared drying. They add no taste or color to the brew and are fully biodegradable and environmental friendly.


Not all tea bags are created equal!

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