Losing Sleep?

Stress Impacting Your Sleep?

Enjoy our custom crafted natural non-habit forming effective blends especially designed by Optamia to optimize the relaxing properties of these powerful herbal and botanical ingredients to help those who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, restlessness and stress.

Better quality sleep equals better cognitive function, emotional and mood improvement and more energy, which means a stronger you!

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Excess Weight?

Feeling bloated or struggling with indigestion?

All these can be signs that you have a build-up of toxins and waste in your body. Maybe its time to Detox. Our custom crafted herbal formula gently removes these toxins from your body to boost your metabolism and to add more energy to your day!

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No energy?

Ever wonder what happened to your energy levels?

Welcome vitality back into your life. Our specialized formula adds a boost to your day without harmful chemicals or a case of the jitters! The right herbs and botanicals are blended with a premium blend of black and green teas to give you an all natural boost.

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Can't lose the weight? Unexplained weight gain?

Excess toxins bog down the liver, which hinders its waste eliminating function, this in turn slows down your metabolism and the efficacy of carbohydrate and fat breakdown for fuel.

Experiencing brain fog or lack of mental clarity?

The inability to focus or chronic fatigue may be caused by a condition known as “leaky brain,” which occurs with the build up of toxins which then causes inflammation and damage to the blood-brain protective barrier.

Constant indigestion or bloating after meals?

Impurities and toxins that have accumulated over time in your body may cause abnormal belly bloat or gas, leading to discomfort and even pain. Your natural microbiome contains a vast collection of bacteria. An imbalance of more bad than good bacteria may lead to inflammation and a slowed metabolism.

Ramp Up Your System

For A More Stronger and Vibrant You!

Similar to a machine, the many parts of your body must be in good working condition in order to function as it should. The effective removal of toxins results in a system that works more efficiently, boosting the body's natural energy cycle and metabolism.



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