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Our mission: To bring the power of all natural teas and herbal blends to our community. We believe in the healing and beneficial properties of nature, and the place all natural ingredients should have in our every day lives.

All The Goodness Without The Bad Stuff ...

Teas blended with hemp allows you to enjoy all the benefits CBD provides without all the negative effects of smoking marijuana.

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Stress Impacting Your Sleep?

Enjoy our custom crafted natural non-habit forming effective blends especially designed by Optamia to optimize the relaxing properties of these powerful herbal and botanical ingredients to help those who struggle with insomnia, anxiety, restlessness and stress.

Better quality sleep equals better cognitive function, emotional and mood improvement and more energy, which means a stronger you!

Ramp Up Your System For A More Stronger and Vibrant You!

Similar to a machine, the many parts of your body must be in good working condition in order to function as it should. The effective removal of toxins results in a system that works more efficiently, boosting the body’s natural energy cycle and metabolism.

Organic Raspberry Herbal Green Tea Premium Blend

Young Hyson Green Tea - Rosehips - Orange Peel - All Natural Rasberry Flavor - Biodegradable Chai Sachet Tea Bags

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